HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o is a private Czech company, which provides a broad-spectrum of production and supply solutions for the energy and gas industry. Headquarters, management, technical offices, production and storage facilities are located in Brno-Popůvky.

Within the framework of international activities we run subsidiaries in Slovakia, Russia, Canada, Ukraine and Serbia.


HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o specializes in the field of gas and energy industry. The main pillar of our company´s activities is equipment for gas pressure regulation, filtration and metering in transport and distribution networks and consumer networks.
HUTIRA – BRNO, s.r.o is the sales and service represtative for the Natural Gas Regulator Division of FISHER, FRANCEL and TARTARINI, wich are a part of the American concern EMERSON. As authorized representative, we have supplied armatures to to producers of regulation stations and regulation equipment in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for more than 20 years.

Our company also participates in large projects abroad. For example, we have participated in supply, assembly and supervision of gas equipment for power  plant BALLOKI 225 CCPP and MURIDKE 234 CCPP in Pakistan.


  • Gas pressure regulators for VHP, HP and MP distribution
  • Safety slam shuts, filters, pre-heaters
  • VHP, HP and MP regulation and metering stations (RS) for ground or underground instalation
  • HP and MP regulation equipment (RE) for industrial sites, commercial and residential sites/box installations, underground containers
  • Metering regulation lines for gas boiler rooms of all ranges of output
  • Main valve boxes, regulation and metering installations
  • Assembly, servicing revision of gas equipment in residential